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Yoga Team

Workplace Yoga and Wellbeing

914,000 workers are suffering from work-related stress, depression or anxiety.
HSE, 2022

Are you a company interested in your employees
physical and mental wellbeing?

Set yourself apart as an employer, by offering yoga sessions at work; to reduce burnout, improve productivity and help establish mental and physical wellbeing for healthier and happier employees.

Why work with me

Having worked in the corporate environment for over 13 years, alongside my events background and knowledge as a Yoga teacher I'm confident we can work together to create a bespoke package to meet all your employee needs.  

There's lots of way I can help bring energising and calming breaks in to their busy day, whether that be through movement to help release and re-energise the body or bringing mindful moments into your employees day through breathing and meditation techniques.

For more information on how Yoga can benefit you and your employees please contact me directly.

Packages can include

  • Regular Yoga classes for all abilities

  • Restful and Restorative yoga classes

  • Introductory Workshops

  • Desk Yoga

  • Mindfulness and Meditation

  • Group Breathwork

  • Zoom classes

  • Team Days

For more information on how Yoga can benefit you and your employees, please contact me directly.

"Laura has been teaching yoga at my workplace for over a 2 years, as part of our Staff Wellbeing Programme.  
She has had a significant impact on the wellbeing of the staff that take part in the yoga practice; not only through the relaxation techniques she shares with us, but physically, through stretching and strengthening.
My personal health has improved and I have had no back pain since doing yoga with Laura.  I just wish it was more than once a week!"
Liz, Workplace Yoga and Wellbeing client
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