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  A bit about me

Hey, I'm Laura. Yoga Teacher and Mum, out here embracing this wonderfully chaotic journey we call life

I discovered yoga over 7 years ago, looking for a way to relieve back pain and de-stress from my day job, what I discovered was a space for me to really Move, Breathe, Rest and take some much needed time for myself!

Physically I'm more connected to my body, I feel stronger and more flexible. Mentally yoga has grounded me, whilst teaching me to live more mindfully and in the moment (something I work on daily!).

Being a mum I know the pressures of life all too well and I see my Yoga practise as my self-care, my guilt-free space to Exercise, De-Stress, Rest and Re-Energise.

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Yoga has bought me so much Freedom, Wellness and Joy, which is why I trained to be a teacher, to share all of this and more.

As well as completing my 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training I have also undertaken training to teach Vinyasa Flow and Restorative Yoga and have assisted on Teacher Trainings.

I really do believe yoga is for All of Us, whatever our shape or size and that we should enjoy practising it! I try to reflect this in my classes, making them Inclusive, Informative, Light-hearted and Uplifting.

I would love to share all the wonders of Yoga with you.

You can find me on Instagram and Facebook or email me at

With love, Laura x

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