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  A bit about me

Hey, I'm Laura. Yoga Teacher and Mum, out here embracing this wonderfully chaotic journey we call life

I discovered yoga over 8 years ago, while searching for relief from back pain and the stress from my job. What I discovered was a space to truly Move, Breathe, Rest, and take some much-needed time for myself.

Physically, I feel more connected to my body, stronger, and more flexible. Mentally, yoga has grounded me and taught me to live more mindfully in the moment (something I work on daily!).

As a mom, I understand the pressures of life all too well and I see my Yoga practise as my self-care, a guilt-free space to Exercise, De-Stress, Rest and Re-Energise.

Yoga has bought me so much Freedom, Wellness and Joy, which is why I trained to be a teacher, to share all of this and more.

You can find me leading community classes, teaching in studios and gyms, running workshops and events, and offering private sessions both in workplaces and one-on-one.

My Qualifications

300 Hr Yoga Teacher Training, 2022

WhiteSpace Studio, Yoga Alliance International

8 Hr Vinyasa Sequencing, 2022

Dawn Wright Yoga

30 Hr Trauma Informed Restorative Yoga, 2023

Barefoot Body Training

18 Hr Trauma Informed Yoga Nidra, 2024

Barefoot Body Training

I really do believe yoga is for All of Us, whatever our age, shape or size and that we should enjoy practising it! I try to reflect this in my classes, making them Inclusive, Informative, Light-hearted and Uplifting.

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