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121/Private Sessions and Group Bookings

Why choose a 121/Private Session?

121 Yoga sessions are specifically tailored to meet your needs and goals, taking place in a private setting, ensuring we have the space and time to focus on you.

121/private sessions can include;

  • An Introduction to Yoga; covering foundational poses and the correct alignment for your body, Breathwork, Meditation and what to expect in a Yoga class.

  • Personalised Restorative session, focusing on gentle movement and breathwork, to help you manage fatigue and regulate your nervous system, promoting relaxation and better stress management in your daily life.​

  • If you're working towards a specific goal; Physical, Mental or Emotional, Sessions tailored to support and help you achieve it.

Prices start from £50 for a one hour session, which includes a free initial consultation. Discounts are available if you're making multiple bookings.

121/private classes can take place in the comfort of your own home, online or in a Yoga studio local to Buckingham.

"Working with Laura one to one has significantly eased my lower back pain. 
I can now sit comfortably, at my desk, for longer
periods of time, I feel stronger and like a new woman!"

"Laura was a fantastic 121 teacher, she did a full consultation before we started so understood exactly what I wanted from the sessions and tailored them to suit me. The bespoke sessions I had with Laura have given me the confidence to progress to group sessions"

Yoga Studio

Group Bookings

Are you looking to practise Yoga with a group of friends? Or maybe you're planning a celebration or event that you would like to add a Yoga class too?

Similar to 121/private classes, group bookings are tailored to meet the needs of your group/event and can take place at either a Yoga studio local to Buckingham or a venue of your choosing at a day/time that suits you.

Prices vary depending on your requirements so please get in touch to discuss further.

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